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A price and the scope of the work will be discussed with you before commencing the work and in return we require you to agree to the following:

•    Wolds Gardening requires ONE person to provide direction as to the services delivered and the same person to agree that these have been delivered on completion to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied it must be brought to our attention within 24 hours explaining why you are not satisfied
•    If you are acting as agent, landlord or business please make Wolds Gardening aware of this.
•    Payment is strictly on receipt of invoice. Late payment may incur a £10 admin fee plus interest.
•    Regular customers are asked to ensure there is adequate access and parking so Wolds Gardening can deliver agreed services. Failure to do so may mean you are charged for work time that has been lost.
•    Failure to keep an appointment may incur a fee.
•    Wolds Gardening will not accept liability for property lost or damaged should it be left unsecured in order to allow work to be carried out in your absence.
•    Wolds Gardening ask you to inform us of cables buried or obscured and accept no responsibility for damage caused during the course of work if this not pointed out beforehand.
•    If unforeseen conditions or circumstances beyond reasonable control of Wolds Gardening cause delay or prevent the service being carried out in accordance with price and scope of each task then Wolds Gardening reserves the right to review the price and scope and even to reschedule the work for another date.
•    Errors or omissions do not constitute a final price and we will ask for payment  of, or indeed refund such mistakes
•    Purchases made on behalf of the customer remain the property of Wolds Gardening until paid for in full.



Tel. 01507 810 222
Mob. 07507 071 584

4 Househams Lane, Louth

Legbourne, LN11 8LG



Success! Now sit back and watch our green fingers go to work!

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